2015 : moments to reflect


image credit (via) : www.gcu.ac.uk

image credit (via) : http://www.gcu.ac.uk


The moment I decided to change the way I think about life was the moment of self-transformation. I have always believed that everything happened for good reasons. If it is not good, then it is better. There are no bad reasons for the sake of life-improvement. It is always good at the end. And if it is not good even better, then yeah it is not the end. Truth be told. That’s how I see life.

I recall one of my teacher’s points of view towards life, he said: “Life is just a matter of ups and downs.” This was, with all means, simply true.

Since then, I kept reminding myself for not taking anything for granted. Just live and enjoy every bit of your life. Period.

I also believe that if God takes something from us, He will give another thing which is far better than the one He took. And, it always at the right, and mostly, perfect time.

When I was in doubt, there was also a voice within myself that kept telling me to believe. To believe in what I can’t see and feel. I didn’t know what that voice was. Was it this little thing known as intuition or some sort?

Maybe. One thing for sure, that voice has been right. I never imagined how it could finally lead me into the right direction.

I am sure all of us have been in ups and downs moments. No matter how perfect our life seems to be. And these moments have shaped our personality as well as characters. Moreover, our point of view towards life itself.

As for me personally, these moments of ups and downs taught me lessons that brought me closer to God. I know, God must not be crazy giving us such moments in our life. He knows exactly what He was, is, will be doing to us and all of His creation.

It is acceptable to complain though. Have I complained? Do I look like that-one-human-free-of-problems? Which made me far away from the word ‘complaining’…??

Of course not! I do complain. A looooot! Hahaha. And that’s fine, I guess. That’s how I measure my faith to God. If I never complained, I would never have the feeling of being weak, lost, desperate, and hopeless, in front of God.

And my complaints always go along with tears. That’s how I relieve all the down-moments. Was God angry to me? What a silly question! Of course He wasn’t. If He was, then He would not change my life for the better after the dark-time (s).

I have come into conclusion that, all these moments are meant to change my life for the better. And that’s only work if I change the way I think about the life God has been blessed me with. For that I can’t thank God enough and I am forever grateful.

It’s always been a self-relief mantra to reflect towards anything that happen in my life. Not to mention, every single thing I’ve done in certain period of time as well as in daily basis. And of course at the end of year before welcoming the new year of freshness and hopes which is yet to come soon.

Well, 2015 has been around the end of its time. This year, has been great with all of its ups & downs of course, and I always value and learn to pause for a reflection towards those mixed-moments of learning, growing, sharing, and living in one whole year. By doing so, I become more content, mature, generous, and most importantly, grateful.


2015, Thank you for all the lessons.

2016, I am ready.

Hope everyone is taking their own time of reflection for this amazing year of 2015 and being ready for this (coming) brand new year of 2016!

Is it too soon to shout “Happy New Year” ?


Warm Regards from Celebes Island,


Arasyid Harman