2015 : moments to reflect


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image credit (via) : http://www.gcu.ac.uk


The moment I decided to change the way I think about life was the moment of self-transformation. I have always believed that everything happened for good reasons. If it is not good, then it is better. There are no bad reasons for the sake of life-improvement. It is always good at the end. And if it is not good even better, then yeah it is not the end. Truth be told. That’s how I see life.

I recall one of my teacher’s points of view towards life, he said: “Life is just a matter of ups and downs.” This was, with all means, simply true.

Since then, I kept reminding myself for not taking anything for granted. Just live and enjoy every bit of your life. Period.

I also believe that if God takes something from us, He will give another thing which is far better than the one He took. And, it always at the right, and mostly, perfect time.

When I was in doubt, there was also a voice within myself that kept telling me to believe. To believe in what I can’t see and feel. I didn’t know what that voice was. Was it this little thing known as intuition or some sort?

Maybe. One thing for sure, that voice has been right. I never imagined how it could finally lead me into the right direction.

I am sure all of us have been in ups and downs moments. No matter how perfect our life seems to be. And these moments have shaped our personality as well as characters. Moreover, our point of view towards life itself.

As for me personally, these moments of ups and downs taught me lessons that brought me closer to God. I know, God must not be crazy giving us such moments in our life. He knows exactly what He was, is, will be doing to us and all of His creation.

It is acceptable to complain though. Have I complained? Do I look like that-one-human-free-of-problems? Which made me far away from the word ‘complaining’…??

Of course not! I do complain. A looooot! Hahaha. And that’s fine, I guess. That’s how I measure my faith to God. If I never complained, I would never have the feeling of being weak, lost, desperate, and hopeless, in front of God.

And my complaints always go along with tears. That’s how I relieve all the down-moments. Was God angry to me? What a silly question! Of course He wasn’t. If He was, then He would not change my life for the better after the dark-time (s).

I have come into conclusion that, all these moments are meant to change my life for the better. And that’s only work if I change the way I think about the life God has been blessed me with. For that I can’t thank God enough and I am forever grateful.

It’s always been a self-relief mantra to reflect towards anything that happen in my life. Not to mention, every single thing I’ve done in certain period of time as well as in daily basis. And of course at the end of year before welcoming the new year of freshness and hopes which is yet to come soon.

Well, 2015 has been around the end of its time. This year, has been great with all of its ups & downs of course, and I always value and learn to pause for a reflection towards those mixed-moments of learning, growing, sharing, and living in one whole year. By doing so, I become more content, mature, generous, and most importantly, grateful.


2015, Thank you for all the lessons.

2016, I am ready.

Hope everyone is taking their own time of reflection for this amazing year of 2015 and being ready for this (coming) brand new year of 2016!

Is it too soon to shout “Happy New Year” ?


Warm Regards from Celebes Island,


Arasyid Harman






From Stranger to Friend




“Sometimes, a stranger can understand us better than a friend.” –Unknown-


I never thought and even expected of getting in touch with a stranger on the world wide web aka cyber-space. Three days ago, a stranger that (later) turned into a friend greeted me, asking to follow back her social media account as she already followed mine.

I was wondering and sort of being a bit suspicious. Who are you? Asking me to follow. Do I know you in person? Have we met before in (the) real world?

Such questions I addressed to this total stranger. And what she said in response to these prejudice-questions made me smile.

She followed me because she found my stuff on my social media account were interesting and inspiring (oh really?). I didn’t know if she was saying the truth or not.

She then told me how she found my account. I was not really surprised afterwards.

Her name is -let me just give her initial name- Nanas.(for privacy reason). She’s been living in Indonesia for two years now. Working as a Mandarin lecturer in a University in East Java. Yup, she is a Chinese. Real Chinese from the Republic of China. Not Indonesian-Chinese-looking girl that have already been born and raised in Indonesia. So yeah she is 100 % foreigner! 😀

So what was her intention to start chatting me out through one of my social media accounts? I was asking her out again, just to convince myself that I was not dealing with a scammed-profile over the Internet Jungle as I was used to deal with quite often.

Well, she told that it was great if we could become friends. Yes friends. Okay. No problem. I said to myself, why not? Wasn’t it good to practice your English since you both would use English to communicate? Aha! That’s right.

Besides, having new friends from another country is always a good idea, right? Definitely it is!

Conversations happened afterwards. No need to mention, she is really easy-going, smart, and yes funny hahaha. Lots of topics were discussed. Starting from personal-things till those kind of thoughts on life and the future and some sort of life-goals. I enjoyed talking to her and I am sure she did too.

I think some of conversations should be shared here. Just wanted to share with you guys (anyone who is reading this right now), nothing in my mind that has to be hidden regarding this sort of issue. Some random conversations on topics that I personally love to talk about. Let me just copy-paste it down below. So kindly read and enjoy, if you let yourself (stay) curious. Hahaha.

Me : “What’s your favorite moments in your life? How they have been shaped your characters this far? These are random questions. Hahaha. So, if you have to re-program your memory and you’re only given three memories of your life to choose, what that would be? If you can’t achieve all of your life goals, what will you do? Tell me, what makes you so happy? Do you have any trauma when you’re a child?”

N : “Hahaha.. wow lots of questions. Give me some time to answer it one by one yaaaa hahaha. My favorite moment I guess is with my family when I was a child. They brought me to learn dancing and attended the competition, they encouraged me so well. And helped me to reshaped my personality. I become extrovert and out-going. Coz I was totally shy and introvert when I was a very little girl. I didn’t wanna make friends with others. I like staying with my mom and grandma only…and I was weak and easily got sick. But they changed me and raised me up.

And other good memory is playing basketball with my friends, boys and girls in primary and middle school. We were crazy playing it and addicted to it. We attended competition for our school. We shared happy or sad tears together. I like that feeling so much. As time goes by, I hardly find that feeling again now. And third good memory is went to Russia with my University Art Group. We had a tour performance in four cities of Russia in winter. I saw the heavy snow, and that was my dream to see the heavy snow. And I had a chance to stand in front of idol’s tomb, he is Pavel Korchagin. Idk if I wrote his name rightly haha.. he was a hero in Russia. I never thought I could do that in my life, cos all I know about him was in TV series and books. That was really a time proves no expectations, no disappointments. Cos it really gave me a surprise.

Ok. Tell me about your good memories and moments now! Your turn. I’ll make lunch first.”

Me : “Ok. I’ll have lunch too Hahaha. Woww very well explained. You have been to Russia? Wooww cool! I have a lot good memories in my life. My childhood is at the top. I was raised in a small village in the North of Sulawesi aka Celebes Island. My childhood friends helped me grow and learn things. I was a little boy with huge curiosity with new things. I love playing in nature. Rivers, jungle, sea, were three places that I loved to spent my time with my friends. We played hide and seek and many other traditional games that had taught me about hope, integrity, spirit, trust, optimism, and the art of surviving. Besides, I have my family and relatives that also taught me about life and faith towards God and the life after death. I miss my childhood so much. If I can turn back the time, I want to go back to my childhood life.

As a child I was also stubborn hahaha. That stubborness had led to some accidents. Like falling from a tree or stumbled on the street. Hahahaha. But that made me stronger as a kid. Even though I had to cry loud out loud once I fall..hahaha.

My other good memory is when I had finally accomplished one of my dreams to go abroad. Back in 2012 when I won a short-term scholarship that allowed me along with other 19 students from Indonesia to go to Kansas, US. Being selected from more than 3000 applicants from various Universities in Indonesia who applied for this scholarship made me so grateful and happy at the same time. I never imagined that I would be selected. The selection process was tough. And I gave my very best and asked God to make me pass through. Thankfully God answered my prayer. I got it! I think you haven’t answer all the questions.”

N : “Wow your answer is also very specific. I can tell, you can be selected in the program coz you are so handsome and kind-hearted. You deserve it. Were you the only one from your campus that went to US?

Hahaha.. I left my phone in the room to charge the battery… now I’ll continue to answer your other questions.”

Me : “Yeah. I represented my campus at that time.”

N : “If I can choose a time to go back, I’ll choose my primary school! That was my perfect childhood.hahaha. You are very cool!!! Yeah! Hahaha.

If I can’t achieve all the goals in my life….hmmm actually, I haven’t thought that question before. Cos I’m in the process to get there. But I know life is not perfect. Actually, I have already experienced the failure in my life and I know that feeling, it was really suffering and torturing when I couldn’t realize my dream. Instead, all the tough time taught me how to confront it with optimistic and hope. I didn’t enter my dream of middle school and university. Those were the feelings of failure I got through and couldn’t make it up coz time won’t fly back. I learn to accept it and enjoy another path I have. Only this, can get through the hard times and make another nice adventure in life. I still appreciate very step in my life, good or not, both teach me the important lesson in my process to grow up. So I’m stronger right now. No matter I can achieve all the goals in my life or not, as long as I tried my best, I’ll have no regrets. And I will be grateful for what I have and make what I have more beautiful and meaningful.

What makes me so happy…hahaha. I have to say, as long as you are human being, you can’t be so happy all the time, if you’re happy all the time, that must be not true. Coz life has different tests to make you have different emotions. And that is real thing. But what make me so happy I think, it’s life itself. Coz when I open my eyes to enjoy a new day, it’a a happy thing. I have my feeling, I have my thought. No matter what happened, I’ll be happy eventually, coz I’m still alive, I can suffer all the feelings. Only human being can. That is the gift God sends to me, life itself.

Trauma in childhood… I think I had. Though my childhood was very beautiful, but I still could see my parents arguing and fighting sometimes. I was so scared when it happens. But they got through all the hard times. They didn’t divorce finally. And we are fine right now..

Ok, your turn to share and let me know more about you ”

Me : “very well said! You sound so wise when you talk about your point of view towards life. I like it.”

N : “Hahaha thanks you like it. So what’s your point of view to life when you can’t achieve all your goals? And what makes you happy?

You know, every time I open my phone to check our messages, It’s like I’m talking to a philosopher hahahaha. It’s like there is a secret world only we know.”

Me : “Hahaha… well, I am happy when I can help people who need something that I can provide and give. I think that’s the most important thing in life; to help others. For me that’s the utmost purpose of human beings; to help one another. There is nothing more meaningful than to share love and peace among human beings. No matter what the background, race, tribe, and religion is.

I am happy to see people happy that are showed through their smile. And I am happy as hell when I realize that I am one of the reasons behind their smile.

Achieving goals in life has been a great issue as well as a daring journey to me. I have been failed as well. One of the failures that taught me more about the value of knowledge and time was the moment when I failed to enroll at my dream senior high school. I have joined the entry-test of that school which wasn’t easy for me. And when I realized that my name wasn’t there (on the list of accepted-students), I felt so sad which was then led to big frustration. I couldn’t accept the fact at first. I thought God wasn’t fair. All my efforts were nothing worthed at all. I became angry to God.

It took several weeks to make me accept the reality and start to set my new plan. As time went by, I realized that I didn’t fail actually. God wanted me to be more and highly well-prepared.

And then, a year later, I tried again for the 2nd time to join the selection process in order to enroll at the senior high school of my dream. Same school as before. I madly wanted to study there! Yeah, I did not give up!! Hahaha.

And I was right, God helped me through eventually. The 2nd time of my trial was so much easier as I have had myself fully prepared for the test. I was accepted finally.

This was one of my biggest milestones. I became more positive and optimistic towards life since then. And most of all, I become so much closer to God.”



Well, I didn’t expect to experience such thing like this. Never. But frankly saying, I always open to new thing(s) as long as it is beneficial for my intellectual and emotional growth. Something unpredictable is always a “yes” for me. I love anything out of the blue, or yeah unpredictable (do you know other words about this?).

And wow, life has been unpredictably remarkable so far. There are always new things come up out of the blue. Yet, one thing is always there, the Creator.

God is always there to colour up my life with unpredictable things. Oh yes, of course your life too. Things are sweet sometimes, but they can be sour or even bitter in another time. Needless to say, that’s how life works, right?

Having had such experiences truly make me realize that we all just human being with a lot of common senses. We may appear in different appearance, backgrounds, culture, nationality, etc, but it does not make us exclusive as a human being. We simply just human being who love to share things. It does make us unique and beautiful at the same time.

And thank God, today we have this space-age technology called the Internet to get in touch with our fellow human from another part of our lovely planet. This is just amazing. Many years ago we would not be able to get to know people from other countries as simple as today. My extended-thank-you goes to all the inventors of the Internet for making this all possible.

So, if you (still) are reading up to this line (I’m pretty sure, you are) I am simply thankful. Hehe.. And if we haven’t met in person yet, just like what I have experienced with Nanas, I would be glad if we can be friend as well. Let’s just say this type of friendship as online-friends-stuff or perhaps Internet-Friendship? What do you think?


Until next time, have a lovely day ya’ll!


Arasyid Harman


Notes to dear YOU

To the person who are reading this. You. Yes, YOU. Look at me closely and deeply.
You are awesome. You are amazing. You are brilliant. You are outstanding.
You are a light in the darkness. You are a rainbow.
You are here to make the world brighter. You are here to shine bright, brighter than the sunshine.

You are dreamed
You are wanted.
You are desired.

Not by me. Not by your lover. But by the world. The people.
They want you. They really want you. Why? Because they need you. Your presence. You words. Your smile. Your time. All yours.

Don’t you realize that?
There are so many things inside you that the world wanted. If you never realized that before, that’s okay. Now you do. Now you realize that you are very special. You are rare. You are unique. You are one in million. You are a shining star in the Universe.

God created you for a noble purpose. Always remember that.
So, stop complaining. Stop thinking that you are not good enough. Stop thinking that you are not brave enough to do the things you have always wanted to do. Stop thinking that you have no power to make your dreams come true.
Stop saying you can’t. Stop saying you are stupid. Stop saying you are weak. Stop saying you are such a failure. Stop saying you are a looser. Stop. Just stop. Right now, right here.
Look at me. Again. Closely and deeply.

What do you see? Yes. You see two shining eyes of hope and faith. If you can’t see it clearly, close your eyes. Just close now for five seconds. Then open them.
Look at me again. You see? Yes. Now you can see my eyes. I trust you. Even I never met you in person. But I can feel you. Why? Because we are one. We are one soul that always connected.

Do you believe it? I hope you do.
You believe or not, it doesn’t matter. The Truth is, I always there. Right there, inside of your heart.
I am always with you wherever you are. I am your soul. Your protector. Your friend. Your reminder. Your compass. Your guide. Your inner voice.
God created me to be with you. To be right beside you. So you will not get lost, sad, and lonely in this worldly life.

So smile and be happy. You know that you are not alone. And you will never be. Even the world leaves you; just remember that I will never leave you. We stick together until the end of our time.
One more thing, always remember that our Creator is always with us. Always.

Hug Tight,

Your Dear Soul

So what?


Hi there!

Let me tell you something that I think is cute to talk about. Well, I am not trying to waste your (precious) time. I am just getting a sense of ‘dying-to-write’ those (random) things inside my head. But, if you think this is going to sort of wasting your time, well, just stop reading and step away. 😀

I am gonna say this.

It’s okay to be not okay. So what? People, sometimes, are so (damn) curious about others’ life. I am not saying that they are bad or something. No. I just, well, sometimes, can’t understand why they are so (damn) too curious about one’s (good) life. Don’t they even think before they do it?

Well, I don’t know and I don’t even want to know. It actually, in my opinion, gives them a kind of feeling that they call it as ‘satisfaction’. Yes? I don’t know. However, from what I see, at least I can say that way.

They are, again, in my opinion, wasting their time. Really. Do you see what my point actually is? Okay. Let’s keep going. Well, if you agree enough with what I have just said, I am sure that you still have a good sense of feeling. No? Oh please I really hope you do.

Maybe this sounds useless or whatever, I don’t care what’s there inside of your mind. I am just trying to expose what I am thinking of. At least, not just keeping it myself. You know what I am saying, right?

There are those people (out there) who do care, sincerely. However, there are also who don’t. The latter group of people that we should be aware most. Why? Because they’re going to, sort of, destroy your personal and happy life in some way in which you (absolutely) won’t it to be.

Be careful. Really careful. But, when you deal with one of these group of people, you have to step away from their presence. And do it nicely so that they won’t realize about your feeling of unaccepting them. We better out of their presence to prevent some unacceptable things that probably will occur along the way.

Well, I think I have been talking tooo much now, hahaha. Sorry guys, I have been just randomly typing down what’s on my mind the last couple of minutes. If you found some benefit from this slice of writing, thank God please. But if you don’t, please pardon me anyhow. You guys are too cute to get angry, so just stay cute and be nice! Okay? 😉

Thank you for listening anyway. Have a blessed day ahead!


Looking Back



It’s good to remember things that had passed by. Sometimes, in life, we are not only required to ‘have to’ but also are required to ‘need to’. It just simply make sense as we are human. We have that choice to choose. But life sometimes put us in a moment or a situation that we should take that ‘have to’ things whether we like it or not.

It happens every day. But when dealing with stuff that had gone or passed by, I think we should minimize the ‘have-to’ thing (s). And maximize the ‘need-to’ thing (s).

We need to look back. Not just we have to look back for the moments and memories that had gone. That’s how we value the life that God has been blessed us with. Especially those moments that we had emotional connection with.

It’s good to feel (again) what have been gone through in the past. And see, what we were both inside and outside. It’s an art, one of art to feel the present of the Creator. And moreover, it’s a way to thank God for all the beautiful things He had been blessed us with.

I am writing this as one of self-reminder (personally). And I am hoping that every and each of us have that ‘one-moment’ to stop doing things so called ‘everyday-business’ and then look back and thank God for all the moments we have gone through in our life. And hopefully we are going to be the ones that have always be blessed by the Almighty every single moment in our life. Hopefully.



Make it Better


In daily life, we love to do things that, of course we love doing. Those who love to sing, sing. Those who love to read, read. Those who love to dance, dance. Those who love to talk, talk. What else? You name it anyway.

There are people who love to sing. Are you one of them? Well, if so, smile and shake your head please. Hehe..

What’s the point?

Here it is. No matter what you do, make it better. If you can sing, sing better. If you love to dance, dance better. It’s an art of being an expert in the field.

Just like what a proverb says, “practice makes perfect”.

People love anything well-performed. In other word, they love to see things better than what it suppose to.

It seems that, if I have to say, we all love perfection. Eventhough we know that nothing is perfect. That’s how life works. However, we still can make anything we do look better. More than good.

How? I think it’s already answered.

What I am trying to say is that, the word ‘better’ should always be there in anything we do. As we know that good is not good enough. Make it better.

When we think we can do better than what is required, we will (God willing) make it through. Sometimes, we don’t always have that thought. Sometimes, we do. It just a matter of choice anyway.

Once we deal with things, just say, “I will make this better than what is required.” After applying this thought and action, we can move from the concept of ‘better’ to the concept of ‘best’.

Make it better and make it best. Moreover, we can make better from best.

Confused? No?

Better is an excellence quality. And best is double excellence quality. This is just my personal point of view though. You may agree or disagree.

Let’s take this case to another example. Let’s say, you run a company that produces food and beverage. As the owner, you want your company earn a lot of revenue each month.

What will you do to achieve your goal (s) ?

No matter what your strategies are, they all can be represented by two words. Better and Best. You can’t earn a lot of income if you don’t make a better product with best quality. Does it make sense?

If it does, so let’s make it better.



Make it Possible

Make it possible. Yes. It’s always possible to make something that seems impossible (at first), become possible. If only we have that strong faith to make it happen.

It’s been proven by so many people all over the world that impossible is nothing. Impossible is just stupid feeling and thought that should be erased from our mind. If you (still) think that you can’t get what you (really) want, please stop it.

Stop it. Yes, stop. I am serious.

Hey dude, if you don’t believe in yourself, then who will?

Nobody. I know, sometimes it’s hard to (always) think that way. But, come on, life is always a choice, right? So choose the good ones. Always choose the best of anything.

I am saying this, not because I am someone who never had that kind of thought. Oh no. I had it for sure. However, as time passed by, I changed that negative thoughts into positive ones. No matter how hard a situation (really) is.

And it isn’t that easy to always think positive. I know that. There are always those people who will affect our self-belief and thoughts. Let me call them as people-of-distraction. They can easily control and change our mind. Yes?

They will shout, “oh it’s impossible, bro!”, “you can’t do that!”, “oh come on, who the hell are you?it’s impossible!”, and other negative words you can think of. Anyway, have you met them? I am sure you have.

So what then?

Just don’t listen to them. Don’t. Simply ignore anything they say. If you take what they said for granted, believe me, you are wasting your (precious) time. And the worst case is, you will never get what you wanted.

Ignoring those negative words of people-of-distraction will make you focus on positive ones. You can start to make it possible. Yeah. You just need to focus on what you want, what you really want to do and achieve. Then, make it possible and just make it happen.

Beacuse it is always possible to do anything impossible. You just need to believe in yourself. Yes. You know what I am talking about. They may say you are not good enough to do what (in their mind) that look impossible, but it will never work if you close your ears and keep going. Yeah, keep going.

You can’t control what they say. But you can always control what you think about what they say. Am I right? Well, again,life has always been a choice. Please, don’t argue me about this one. Okay?

In the meantime, I am sharing this with you as a friendly reminder for all of us, especially for me that sometimes, loosing that self-belief. I know it’s not that easy to be in a good state of feeling, thought, and emotion all the time. However, we have the power to choose which state we want to be in.

Thank you for listening. Hopefully this piece of thoughts gave you some insight and (I hope) inspiration to stay positive and keep moving forward to reach whatever you want in your (holly precious) life! 😉

lastly, let me (again) say this : have a strong faith to God. It actually doesn’t make things easy. But it makes them possible.

Think Big and make it possible! 😉