Notes to dear YOU

To the person who are reading this. You. Yes, YOU. Look at me closely and deeply.
You are awesome. You are amazing. You are brilliant. You are outstanding.
You are a light in the darkness. You are a rainbow.
You are here to make the world brighter. You are here to shine bright, brighter than the sunshine.

You are dreamed
You are wanted.
You are desired.

Not by me. Not by your lover. But by the world. The people.
They want you. They really want you. Why? Because they need you. Your presence. You words. Your smile. Your time. All yours.

Don’t you realize that?
There are so many things inside you that the world wanted. If you never realized that before, that’s okay. Now you do. Now you realize that you are very special. You are rare. You are unique. You are one in million. You are a shining star in the Universe.

God created you for a noble purpose. Always remember that.
So, stop complaining. Stop thinking that you are not good enough. Stop thinking that you are not brave enough to do the things you have always wanted to do. Stop thinking that you have no power to make your dreams come true.
Stop saying you can’t. Stop saying you are stupid. Stop saying you are weak. Stop saying you are such a failure. Stop saying you are a looser. Stop. Just stop. Right now, right here.
Look at me. Again. Closely and deeply.

What do you see? Yes. You see two shining eyes of hope and faith. If you can’t see it clearly, close your eyes. Just close now for five seconds. Then open them.
Look at me again. You see? Yes. Now you can see my eyes. I trust you. Even I never met you in person. But I can feel you. Why? Because we are one. We are one soul that always connected.

Do you believe it? I hope you do.
You believe or not, it doesn’t matter. The Truth is, I always there. Right there, inside of your heart.
I am always with you wherever you are. I am your soul. Your protector. Your friend. Your reminder. Your compass. Your guide. Your inner voice.
God created me to be with you. To be right beside you. So you will not get lost, sad, and lonely in this worldly life.

So smile and be happy. You know that you are not alone. And you will never be. Even the world leaves you; just remember that I will never leave you. We stick together until the end of our time.
One more thing, always remember that our Creator is always with us. Always.

Hug Tight,

Your Dear Soul


2 comments on “Notes to dear YOU

  1. winnymarlina says:

    puisinya ok jd merasa hahaha

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