A lover

A lover? Yeah. Maybe some of you have been in line as well. I do hope so. Being a lover means being a good listener and a good fighter for the loved ones.

It’s not that easy to be a true lover. One should has a big heart to deal with uncomfortable things. Have you ever met someone that you consider as a true lover? They exist and inspire. They really have the quality which we wanted to be there within all human race.

Being a lover means being a fighter for what we love. No matter what. If you love your parents then you will never hurt their feeling. You will fight to protect them. You will fight to make them proud of you. This also applies to other things that we have that feeling on.

I am simply on the way of becoming a true lover. Not only for my loved ones, but also for all of my beautiful dreams. If you have a dream, you should be a lover for it. Love your dream (s) as you love your loved ones. They are as precious as the loved ones.

Your dreams are really worth fighting for. If you declare yourself as a dreamer, you should declare yourself as a lover as well. It’s my personal point of view anyway.

If you agree with me, then okay. We are in the same state of faith. If you disagree, well, it’s all up to you dude. I am just saying. 😛

Well, I think you are a lover as well. Yes? Okay. I consider everyone is a lover. But not everyone is a fighter.




So what do you think? An angel smiles every time you leave a comment :)

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