So what?


Hi there!

Let me tell you something that I think is cute to talk about. Well, I am not trying to waste your (precious) time. I am just getting a sense of ‘dying-to-write’ those (random) things inside my head. But, if you think this is going to sort of wasting your time, well, just stop reading and step away. 😀

I am gonna say this.

It’s okay to be not okay. So what? People, sometimes, are so (damn) curious about others’ life. I am not saying that they are bad or something. No. I just, well, sometimes, can’t understand why they are so (damn) too curious about one’s (good) life. Don’t they even think before they do it?

Well, I don’t know and I don’t even want to know. It actually, in my opinion, gives them a kind of feeling that they call it as ‘satisfaction’. Yes? I don’t know. However, from what I see, at least I can say that way.

They are, again, in my opinion, wasting their time. Really. Do you see what my point actually is? Okay. Let’s keep going. Well, if you agree enough with what I have just said, I am sure that you still have a good sense of feeling. No? Oh please I really hope you do.

Maybe this sounds useless or whatever, I don’t care what’s there inside of your mind. I am just trying to expose what I am thinking of. At least, not just keeping it myself. You know what I am saying, right?

There are those people (out there) who do care, sincerely. However, there are also who don’t. The latter group of people that we should be aware most. Why? Because they’re going to, sort of, destroy your personal and happy life in some way in which you (absolutely) won’t it to be.

Be careful. Really careful. But, when you deal with one of these group of people, you have to step away from their presence. And do it nicely so that they won’t realize about your feeling of unaccepting them. We better out of their presence to prevent some unacceptable things that probably will occur along the way.

Well, I think I have been talking tooo much now, hahaha. Sorry guys, I have been just randomly typing down what’s on my mind the last couple of minutes. If you found some benefit from this slice of writing, thank God please. But if you don’t, please pardon me anyhow. You guys are too cute to get angry, so just stay cute and be nice! Okay? 😉

Thank you for listening anyway. Have a blessed day ahead!



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