Looking Back



It’s good to remember things that had passed by. Sometimes, in life, we are not only required to ‘have to’ but also are required to ‘need to’. It just simply make sense as we are human. We have that choice to choose. But life sometimes put us in a moment or a situation that we should take that ‘have to’ things whether we like it or not.

It happens every day. But when dealing with stuff that had gone or passed by, I think we should minimize the ‘have-to’ thing (s). And maximize the ‘need-to’ thing (s).

We need to look back. Not just we have to look back for the moments and memories that had gone. That’s how we value the life that God has been blessed us with. Especially those moments that we had emotional connection with.

It’s good to feel (again) what have been gone through in the past. And see, what we were both inside and outside. It’s an art, one of art to feel the present of the Creator. And moreover, it’s a way to thank God for all the beautiful things He had been blessed us with.

I am writing this as one of self-reminder (personally). And I am hoping that every and each of us have that ‘one-moment’ to stop doing things so called ‘everyday-business’ and then look back and thank God for all the moments we have gone through in our life. And hopefully we are going to be the ones that have always be blessed by the Almighty every single moment in our life. Hopefully.




So what do you think? An angel smiles every time you leave a comment :)

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