Be Grateful For The Things You Have

I’ve been seeing and listening to lots of people and sometimes friends of mine expressing their regrets, complaints, negative attitude about their lives. Even though they have almost everything they need in their life. Nice Clothes, money, cars, high-tech gadgets, and all these “Luxury-Stuff” are there around the corner.

Having seen all of this, I thought, “what’s wrong with these people?”. They have everything that most people out there are dying for; money, cars, good house, delicious food, etc. But they’re not happy enough with their life. Oh what a pity life!

It’s silly sometimes, when you find someone who are rich and wealthy but they seem unhappy with their life. They are rich outside but -sorry to say- poor inside.

The only thing I believe causing all this is the lack of gratefulness. Or maybe they don’t have it at all. Something that really matter when we deal with the feeling of happiness. Yes, being grateful is the answer.

Be grateful for all we have, no matter how big or small they are. It’s a (special) gift that God has given us all. Remember, out there there are people who aren’t as lucky as us. That’s why we should always be grateful everyday. It’s not easy though, but we can make it a habit.

When we wake up in the morning, thank God for the new life, fresh air, good health, and all things we have. And (it’s better) while we do this, we also remember those who are homeless, poor, and in a dangerous place, and somewhere out there that are struggling for their lives, and some who are taking their last breath in hospitals, those people in a conflict countries, children who lost their parents and relatives, and the list goes on.

Remember all.

I believe when we do this everyday, we’ll be a grateful-person for the rest of our life. In the long run, there’s no need to be sad. There’s always happiness deep down. Finally, we’ll live our life to the fullest and of course to the happiest! 😉

Have a peaceful best day and…

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!



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