Make it Better


In daily life, we love to do things that, of course we love doing. Those who love to sing, sing. Those who love to read, read. Those who love to dance, dance. Those who love to talk, talk. What else? You name it anyway.

There are people who love to sing. Are you one of them? Well, if so, smile and shake your head please. Hehe..

What’s the point?

Here it is. No matter what you do, make it better. If you can sing, sing better. If you love to dance, dance better. It’s an art of being an expert in the field.

Just like what a proverb says, “practice makes perfect”.

People love anything well-performed. In other word, they love to see things better than what it suppose to.

It seems that, if I have to say, we all love perfection. Eventhough we know that nothing is perfect. That’s how life works. However, we still can make anything we do look better. More than good.

How? I think it’s already answered.

What I am trying to say is that, the word ‘better’ should always be there in anything we do. As we know that good is not good enough. Make it better.

When we think we can do better than what is required, we will (God willing) make it through. Sometimes, we don’t always have that thought. Sometimes, we do. It just a matter of choice anyway.

Once we deal with things, just say, “I will make this better than what is required.” After applying this thought and action, we can move from the concept of ‘better’ to the concept of ‘best’.

Make it better and make it best. Moreover, we can make better from best.

Confused? No?

Better is an excellence quality. And best is double excellence quality. This is just my personal point of view though. You may agree or disagree.

Let’s take this case to another example. Let’s say, you run a company that produces food and beverage. As the owner, you want your company earn a lot of revenue each month.

What will you do to achieve your goal (s) ?

No matter what your strategies are, they all can be represented by two words. Better and Best. You can’t earn a lot of income if you don’t make a better product with best quality. Does it make sense?

If it does, so let’s make it better.




So what do you think? An angel smiles every time you leave a comment :)

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