The listed time-wasting activities while writing

So I just got (an) ideas of that so called distraction or let’s just call them as time-wasting activities while writing.

Here are what just came accross my mind.

Texting. When you’re writing things, make sure you switch off your mobile phone. It will distract your focus while you’re writing. Or you can simply silent-mode your mobile.

Chatting. Yes. When you’re writing and at the same time you’re also chatting with your friends through any kind of social media sites, you will lose your time and even worst you’ll end up not finishing your writing. Stop chatting before you finish your writing-stuff.

Checking emails. Well, checking emails will take your time and your focus. When you’re writing, make sure you don’t have any tendency of checking your inbox. As it will waste your time of writing.

Do you have any other things to list up?

If so, just write it on the comment box below.

Let’s share & discuss! 😀



So what do you think? An angel smiles every time you leave a comment :)

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