Make it Possible

Make it possible. Yes. It’s always possible to make something that seems impossible (at first), become possible. If only we have that strong faith to make it happen.

It’s been proven by so many people all over the world that impossible is nothing. Impossible is just stupid feeling and thought that should be erased from our mind. If you (still) think that you can’t get what you (really) want, please stop it.

Stop it. Yes, stop. I am serious.

Hey dude, if you don’t believe in yourself, then who will?

Nobody. I know, sometimes it’s hard to (always) think that way. But, come on, life is always a choice, right? So choose the good ones. Always choose the best of anything.

I am saying this, not because I am someone who never had that kind of thought. Oh no. I had it for sure. However, as time passed by, I changed that negative thoughts into positive ones. No matter how hard a situation (really) is.

And it isn’t that easy to always think positive. I know that. There are always those people who will affect our self-belief and thoughts. Let me call them as people-of-distraction. They can easily control and change our mind. Yes?

They will shout, “oh it’s impossible, bro!”, “you can’t do that!”, “oh come on, who the hell are you?it’s impossible!”, and other negative words you can think of. Anyway, have you met them? I am sure you have.

So what then?

Just don’t listen to them. Don’t. Simply ignore anything they say. If you take what they said for granted, believe me, you are wasting your (precious) time. And the worst case is, you will never get what you wanted.

Ignoring those negative words of people-of-distraction will make you focus on positive ones. You can start to make it possible. Yeah. You just need to focus on what you want, what you really want to do and achieve. Then, make it possible and just make it happen.

Beacuse it is always possible to do anything impossible. You just need to believe in yourself. Yes. You know what I am talking about. They may say you are not good enough to do what (in their mind) that look impossible, but it will never work if you close your ears and keep going. Yeah, keep going.

You can’t control what they say. But you can always control what you think about what they say. Am I right? Well, again,life has always been a choice. Please, don’t argue me about this one. Okay?

In the meantime, I am sharing this with you as a friendly reminder for all of us, especially for me that sometimes, loosing that self-belief. I know it’s not that easy to be in a good state of feeling, thought, and emotion all the time. However, we have the power to choose which state we want to be in.

Thank you for listening. Hopefully this piece of thoughts gave you some insight and (I hope) inspiration to stay positive and keep moving forward to reach whatever you want in your (holly precious) life! 😉

lastly, let me (again) say this : have a strong faith to God. It actually doesn’t make things easy. But it makes them possible.

Think Big and make it possible! 😉



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