Awesome things around us :)

There are like tons of awesome things around us. If we could only pay a high-focused attention on them. We would be amazed how many awesome things that exist in our surroundings. It can be in our room, lodging house, back-yard, on the street, at the station, airport,  and everywhere. 😀

Sometimes, or perhaps many times we missed the moment to enjoy those awesome things around us. We are too busy with our daily routine. We just being so ignorance to our surroundings and even somehow to ourselves.

How many times a day we enjoy our awesome body? our awesome life? I am sure some of us or perhaps most of us would state that we never. That’s the thing. We forget, forget, and forget.

So what we supposed to do?

Well, the simple things we can do to enjoy those awesome things are. First, believe that there is always something cool or awesome around that we can enjoy despite the odds that might be appear in many spots. Yes. Always keep this in mind that there is always something good in bad things, and there is something bad in good things. 😉

Second, spend some time to explore and enjoy our surroundings. Exploring something with great curiosity is always great! We can find something great when we explore. Isn’t exploring cool? 😉

Especially exploring new places that we have never been before. Yeah. It is going to be an enjoyable and awesome thing to do. Just try it if we have some spare time 😉

Lastly, bring a camera everywhere we go. Yup! Capture all those awesome things around. It is cool if we can capture every cool thing that we find on the street, at the bus station, airport, cafe, theater, or anywhere it is. 😀

To sum up, awesome things do exist around us if we realize it. We have to enjoy those things for the pleasure of ourselves. It’s actually a gift from the Creator to enjoy and not to destroy.

If we can see the beauty in our surrounding, it means we already seen the beauty in ourselves. 🙂

Have a good time guys!



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