Who are you? Go figure it out!

Well, the idea of knowing your true-self is something that (maybe) sounds a bit useless or less-important.

Hmm.. Really?

I don’t think so. You know what? We are all unique-creatures that unconsciously wanted to be spotted or well-known by others, and (sometimes) by the whole people on earth. am I right? 😀

The thing is, when you don’t (consciously) know yourself in an honest and deeper sense. It’s really matter. Really.

If you don’t know your true-self you’ve got to figure it out now.

I’ve got some sort of things-to-ask yourself to better know who you really are in and out. Ask these questions to yourself and start to get to know yourself on a deeper level

Basic questions, actually. So there you go!

What do you like?

What makes you happy?

What makes you cry?

What do you want from life?

What makes you scare?

What makes you excited? 

How would you like other people to treat you?

(You can simple add other things that you think will help you out in figuring out your true-self)

When you start doing this, you will see things starting to change. For example: you start to give compliments to yourself (even if you don’t feel like it is true) and keep repeating these everyday.And you will definitely got a picture of yourself in a clear picture.

You will soon start to hear people complimenting you or some kind of proof in your everyday life to that compliment you are giving yourself.

So go get a pen and paper and get to know the real-you. Yes.


Now go get that pen and discover your true-self! 😀


So what do you think? An angel smiles every time you leave a comment :)

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