Talking to the Rain

I have always been in love  ♥  with rain. Simply because it’s beautiful in my eyes. This afternoon rain is falling from the cloudy sky. I can see it from the windows of my room.

I think God created it with a noble purpose. I always think that way. I imagine if the rain is a person that I can talk to, it would be awesome. I don’t know why I have this imagination.

I am talking to the rain right now. I’m talking with a language that is only understood by me myself and the rain itself. I call it as the language of Universe. 😀

Hmm.. maybe it sounds a little bit nonsense in your mind. Whatever, I don’t care. 😛

My mind and my soul are united as I started to talk to the rain. And I lost in a new world of imagination. It’s really fulfilling after all. I don’t know whether you love the rain or not. But I believe there are some people who are just the same as I am.

We are, ok let me just call it as “The Rain Lover” oh it’s too general? Whatever. The only thing to keep though, is that we all in love and peace when the rain fall over the sky.

Imagine, that rain is pouring your face softly. With its cool sensation. It gets deeper and stronger in term of the feeling within your soul, when the temperature of your surrounding is terribly hot.

FRESH! that’s it! 😉

Let me just recall my childhood-life then. I remember whenever it was raining in my little yet awesome hometown, I used to run under the falling rain. And of course let the rain pouring my whole body from the top to the bottom. 😀

As a child, it’s really the best feeling ever. I wasn’t alone. My childhood friends were also along the way running and dancing under the rain. We laughed, danced, played the hide and seek game under the rain. That was just awesome! Seriously.

I am sure if you luckily had the same childhood life, you can feel what I feel right now. 😉

Well, that’s just one beautiful puzzles of my childhood life back then. There are still dozens of my childhood puzzles waiting to be revealed. I don’t know whether I should will uncover it all or not. We’ll see. 😀

What about you?

Have you been talking or maybe dancing under the rain? 😀



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