The Future : Is it really matter?

I have been questioning all the time about the future. How life is gonna be in the next 50 or 100 years? What kind of transportation that is going to be used by human being?  How is the communication device looks like? How is the food taste? How is the clothes looks like? and so on.

I have, recently found myself sometimes being afraid of the future. I can’t easily accept things around me that come and gone so fast and in some cases I even can’t realize it.

I have been thinking about my own future. Where I will be in 5 – 10 years later? What kind of job I would have? How much money I can earn? Who is going to be my wife? How will I use the rest of time? and the list goes on.

I have ever read or heard about sentences or perhaps proverbs that say “Don’t be afraid about the future” or “The future is on your hand”. Well, I think both of them are right. The first encourages me to be optimistic about the future. And the latter reminds me that the future whether it is going to be good or bad, it is depends on me.

I just can’t hardly feel comfortable with a situation or condition where I find myself being ignorance about some things that really important for my own life and future. For instance, being so lazy to read although I already knew the advantages of reading for my personal development.

It is really indescribable feeling. Sometimes, I felt like there was nothing to worry about. I felt like there is no tomorrow, I only live today. I even could not see myself, as a person that really have the bright future. Yeah.. that feeling has been with me for years. And Yes I do hate it.

Well, I guess I am in a random state right now. 😀

If you’re reading this, oh thank you. Really appreciate it. You’re such a lovely reader soul and I am sure you’re smiling as you read all these things.

Anyway, I was just thinking a lil bit about the future. Yes. The future.

Have you got something in your mind about what I have been thinking? Probably, hmm let say yes you have the same idea or stuff around every corner of your mind. So what’s that?

If you don’t mind, I would love to hear it. Yes, I mean it. 🙂

So why not share it with me and the rest of beautiful soul who might be would come across and read this?



So what do you think? An angel smiles every time you leave a comment :)

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