10thingsifindattractive :)

#10thingsifindattractive >>  a girl with amazing pearly eyes, veiled, and gorgeous smile 😀

#10thingsifindattractive >> a girl who supports me in what I do, only wants the best for me and to see me succeed and help me grow.

#10thingsifindattractive >> a girl who can make me laugh in any situation. It just gets me all the time! But can also be serious when needed.

#10thingsifindattractive >> a Teacher that teach with humor, love, fun, sincere, and patient . Hope can be that figure one day!!

#10thingsifindattractive >> someone who are intelligent and hard working. No lazy people in my family. 🙂

#10thingsifindattractive >> a girl who knows her religion and lives by it, not just talk about it. 😉

#10thingsifindattractive >> someone who is patient with me, understanding, open minded and who can connect on more than a physical level.

#10thingsifindattractive >> someone who are curious about something he doesn’t know, and keep trying to figure out it.

#10thingsifindattractive >> a friend that has a good sense of humor and can break the ice moments.

#10thingsifindattractive >> an old man that never stop learning till the end of his time. 🙂 🙂 🙂


Hope you liked it!




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