♥ A piece thought of Love ♥

A couple of months ago a friend asked me to write about love. When she asked me, I was thinking what would I write? Why she asked me to write it? Was there something beyond her request? Well I did not know at all.

To be honest, I am not a good composer of writing or any other composition in case of composing ideas or something in a piece of paper. Additionally, I would say that I am just a beginner in dealing with writing. However, there is nothing wrong to give a first trial of anything, in this case, composing.

First of all, I am going to start this short article by stating my own thoughts regarding the central topic of this writing, love. Well, everyone has their own definition or opinion about love. In my opinion, love is a pure feeling that comes from the deepest human emotion towards good-things, loved-ones, and all beautiful things in this universe.

Moreover, this natural feeling is within the humankind’s emotion since he was born to the world. It is a big mercy for us. This feeling never care about the human race, skin color, ethnic, tribe, and even gender. No matter what is one’s skin color, race, ethnic, and all, we do have the love feeling within ourselves.

Frankly, it is a common fact that when there are people in the other part of the world are in need or in trouble such earthquake, flood, and other natural disasters, people in other part of the world will voluntarily offer a help. This is a proof of love feeling. I cannot imagine what life would be if God never gave us this kind of feeling. There would be war all the time, and at the end there would be no human races in this world.

Second of all, it would be more interesting if we talk about love in case of showing interest to those beloved ones. I believe all of us love our family, especially our beloved parents. They bring so much valuable things to our world.

Furthermore, they love us as they love themselves and even more. Love is there within their pure heart that has been giving for the entire of their life. We should be thankful and give the love we have to them as well. For them, giving love to their children is everything.

They even never ask us to give them any precious goods for buying their love. Because their love is pure, priceless, countless and timeless. They love us forever, no matter we love them as much as they do or not. They are the everlasting symbol of God’s love.

Additionally, we also express love to our friends and beloved one. Frankly, we have experienced at least once in such love-relationship. It is a normal thing. Everyone has love and live for it. Then a phrase “Fall in love” will be the next thing to be discussed.

Well, when people are asked about their opinion about love, their answer, of course would vary. Take some of my friends’ opinion as examples. One says “love is when I see him, talk to him, and walk with him for all my life”.

Another says “love is giving our love and what we have to the loved one without asking any reward”. However, there are also some that say “I hate love, love is shit!!” or “Damn! I regret for being his girl. He is a f**king liar!!”.

Well, what all of these? The question then is what is wrong with love? Should we blame love? Or turning off all things about love?.

In my opinion, however, there is nothing wrong with love. Those who play on it are wrong. If you think that love is something bad for your life, then stop to engage with it. And the most important thing is do not blame it.

To sum up, I think it is a wise thing to say that love is one of life essences. Moreover, love is a word that means more than words. It is a universal feeling of humankind. Once we have it in our heart, we would have it forever.

Love cannot be interpreted just from one side but the whole side. We also cannot judge and blame love just because we have such problems in the name of it. Finally, be grateful that we still have love in our heart since it is one of the biggest mercies of God to all of us. 🙂 ♥

Have a good time guys,


                                                                              ♥ ♥


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