A word called ‘Tralala’

 Tralala. Yes, Tralala. You read and spell it as you did. It’s a name found and given by a funny teacher to his crazy students. This name has been becoming a slogan or jargon among the students. Tralala.. hahaha 😀

I always laugh when I heard sombody mention this word. Actually, making this word as a name after a real name was an idea of a friend named Yus. He’s a Jambian, one of members of the gang which named Tralala’s Gank. Hahaha :D.

This funny gang consist of all boy-students in a class which later on got the same name The Tralala Class. There are three boys who are on the top position of this gang. Roz, Yuz, Ebiz. These three person are crazy, funny, and smart. The last word, actually belongs to all members but the only one who no doubt for it, is Roz. hahaha :D.

Being one of members of this Tralala’s Gang was an accident or in other word I can say as a “Disaster”. hahaha :D. You know why? coz the life of the members is full of colors. Green, yellow, blue, brown, white, black and all kind of colors which exist in this universe. These colors, of course has its own meaning for all of them. 😀

There’s a color which always been talking almost everyday at class, around their school, or even anywhere when they are gathering for some discussion or just for spending their leisure time. What’s the color then..? It is White.. :D. Yes. White. W – H – I – T- E-. Hahaha 😀

It has dozens interpretation indeed. The member of Tralala’s Gang has been obsessed with a very big big big PROJECT of Dreaming. It’s a TOP secret as well. I don’t have any right to share it here before asking the Tralala’s Gang. If I do that, they will kick me off from their face. That’s the end of the world. hahaha :D. because I’m a kind boy, I decided to tell it. I’m sorry Tralalas’s. hehehe 😀

Well, the project is Taraaaaaaaaaaa….!!! “Making a Massive Milk Production” Hahahahahahahahahahhahaha 😀

Is it sounds funny? or terrible..? tell me later. :D. The chief of this MEGA PROJECT is Ebiz Tralala, the most desirable Tralala’s in making this project comes true!!! :D. As the vice of this project, Yuz Tralala took a very high will. He’s the second Tralala’s most desirable member. hahahaha :D. And Roz must be happy for his position as a professional milk tester. hahaha :D. why he is..? coz he’s the only one who has that special skill and the rest of them are not. hahahahaha 😀

To be honest, I’m telling you something useless. However, it’s fun to read anything you don’t know whether it’s useful or not. Moreover, I write something and it gives you some information. Agree or not with this statement is all up to you. One thing for sure, I’m not telling you a lie. hehe 😀

OK. Can I go on..? well, you need to breathe first. It’ll be more attractive. I’m afraid that you’ll be attracted to another world. hahahaha 😀

What?? another world..?? hmmm…. do you understand what I mean? No. Ok.. that’s fine. You’ll know it soon. hahaha 😀

Why I always laugh while writing this useless thing…? just for one reason, JOY. That’s all. I’m not a good writer at all. I’m just trying to be that person. hahaha :D. So, I write just for FUN. 😀 😀

OK. I’m sure you’re saying or thinking that I’m a freaky or crazy. Whatever!! hahaha 😀 the point is that I’m sharing an useless thing which has been made your innocent and serious face smiling or even laughing. hahaha 😀

Here they are-De Tralala Boys- Just right after a midterm exam (:

(To be continued……….) 😀


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