Your Passion is your happiness

This is the best time to be what you really want to be. If you think you are doing something that you don’t really interested in, stop it and start doing another one. That is, a kind of activity that you really enjoy and love most. If you enjoy with whatever you do right now, just keep doing so. You are in the right path of your life.

But if you find yourself in dilemma or in the condition that you don’t know whether you love doing it or not, I suggest you to stop doing that thing soon. It just a waste of your time and of course your energy. I’m sure some of us have been experienced this. It’s really hard to cope when we are in this situation.

Sometimes we don’t realize it or we do but we just ignore it. Actually we know that we don’t like doing such kind of things or activities and again, we don’t be honest to ourselves. We don’t know what actually we want in our lives. Agree?

Iif you don’t agree that’s fine. But if you live your life this way, I’m sure you will live a hard life. Imagine, you are doing something that you don’t enjoy and the most important one is you don’t love it at all but you keep doing that just because of your friend also are doing that thing or your parents ask to do so. What a silly life!!!. Are you the one of those people?

What’s next? you will regret at the end and probably for the entire of your life. I strongly hope you are not. You know why? because your life is too short to do meaningless and unpleasant things. Your life should be joyful and meaningful.

And this life, in my own perspective, will only be great, fun, exciting, wonderful, and meaningful if we do things that we really love and enjoy to do, no matter what as long as it is not disturb or harm others.

Moreover, it can be realized if we do something with passion and desire. As long as you have not found what your passion is, you would never live a happy life. So, find any kind of activities and things that you think and feel great and full of passion or something that you will yell “This is it!!!”, “I love this!!!”, “I can’t wait to do that!!”, “This is what I want!!”, when you do it.

I remember a moment with a friend from Netherlands, a couple of months ago I asked him a question about his passion. He said that he loves to teach most though his former background of study was about film production.

When I asked why teaching? He said that when he teaches he feels great and really enjoy it. He prefers to teach instead of to produce a film. He cannot lie himself that his passion is to teach. Therefore, he wants to be a teacher for the rest of his life rather than a film producer.

I asked again “why teacher? and not film producer? a teacher can’t make a lot of money, whereas a film producer will make a lot of money?”. He smiled and said, ” It’s not about money, it’s about passion and a great feeling when you do a certain kind of job.” This is just an example that shows how passion in doing something or even choosing a career is truly important in our life.

Well, to sum up, I just want to remain you (and of course myself), find your passion, it is your path to live a happy and purposeful life. Because your passion is your golden key to open your own door of happiness. 😀

Have a good time guys!



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